Sunday, January 6, 2013 -- Oh, Yeah!

This fall I started using Can you say, "Oh, Sweet Mama, this is good!" 

Gradecam creates bubble-type answer documents, grades assignments optically using your computer camera or a document camera, creates student-friendly bar charts showing correct/missed answers for each question, and then -- Oh, Yeah -- it can post the grades into your electronic grade book.

Now, my Fridays look like this:

  • Give weekly assessment
  • Put answer document in front of camera where it is graded in seconds
  • When all testing time is over, I immediately go over the test questions using the bar graphs generated by Gradecam, reteaching as I go
  • Transfer grades into electronic gradebook
  • Do my happy dance!
And weekends look like this:

  • No grading!

Gradecam has a free version with limited capabilities which is always available. If you want the full version, and I think you do, they have free trial period to try out the $10-a-month full service plan. 

BUT WAIT -- teachers can get 3 months of full service gradecam for FREE by getting other teachers to try gradecam for FREE. 

Yes, that's right. For every teacher who signs up with gradecam and scans an assignment, you get 3 FREE months of full service gradecam AND they get 3 FREE months of full service gradecam.

To get your 3 free month trial of full service gradecam -- and to help me keep my gradecam service free -- please sign up for gradecam using my referral code:

I love Gradecam; I think you will, too.

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